Seed Dealers & Distributors

While you may sell proprietary varieties from large seed companies, you may also sell public or off PVP/off patent varieties as well. You might also have your own genetics or genetics that are exclusively yours through licensing. Secure the supply of these seeds with the quality that you need to satisfy your customers by contracting with Rogue Seed. We can help you develop a seed supply strategy using your sales forecasts and you can feel confident that your seed order won’t be pro-rated just because the demand a variety went up after the seed productions were started. Our focus on quality means we can even work with you to develop lines that are cleaner and more uniform, which can set you apart from others selling the same variety.

You might also want to continue to sell varieties no longer in a seed companies current sales portfolio, even though they are still protected by that company. This sometimes happens when overall sales for a variety go below seed company minimums for efficient operation or if there becomes a very limited number of customers for a variety or a new variety is taking its place. Out-licensing from the breeder/producer can be an option. We can help you develop a proposal towards the owners of the genetics, leveraging our low supply overhead, which could result in a win-win for both you and the genetics owner.

As an added benefit, you will also get full and early insight on the quality of the seed: Germination and vigor test results, genetic quality, disease test results, seed age and physical purity. We can customize the testing and the help keep your costs low by not over processing or over testing when it’s not needed, or work towards extremely high quality if that has added value to your business.