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Rogue Seed is a new seed company focused on complete Seed Supply and Support. Based in the famous seed production area of the Treasure Valley in Western Idaho, we have the capability to support your seed production and processing needs and can also help you manage your seed supply strategically to improve your customers confidence in seed availability and your own profitability. We work locally in Idaho and also through a regional and global network of trusted and knowledgeable seed professionals when that is the better answer for your needs.

We have an emphasis on large and small seeded vegetables and can also support forage, field crop, herb and flower seed supply. We want to partner with you to diversify your supply footprint without needing to make your own additional investment.

We take pride in quality seed production and supply and also understand that price and timeliness are just as important as quantity and quality. We are committed to keeping our overhead costs low and sharing that cost efficiency with you. We believe all business relationships need to be win-win. If we don’t think we can do the job right for a competitive price then we won’t take on the production and will even help you find alternatives.

Rogue Seed takes the protection of your intellectual property seriously. We will explain risks and also work in a way to reduce that risk as well. We are strongly committed to following and abiding by state, national and international regulations, both to maintain and uphold our own reputation, but yours as well.

With 30 years of experience gained from working at some of the largest and most successful vegetable seed companies and overcoming supply challenges across all the major vegetable species and many minor ones, we can help you and your company supply high quality seed in a consistent way that retains your customer’s trust and loyalty. More than just a third party production company, we can work with you to manage and improve how you supply seed to the market.

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